The Jamaican Catcall! Now comes with head bashing action grip

I’ve got a few friends who live to call me  a modern day feminist because of my stance on certain gender issues. More than likely, those same persons will engage me in a lengthy round table like discussion about this post once it’s up or even scream “sensationalism!”. Let me strongly encourage you to view YG’s IDGAF. It’s a beautiful sonnet expressing  how I feel about your opinion 🙂

In all seriousness, mi a one a dem people deh weh watch news occasionally because it’s partially predictable. News reporter does the smile thingy at the start, then his/her expression changes to a more focused serious look, news about some murder, Politician squabble, the country in debt, some road wah fix , We wah justice by a one tooth man etc etc  random advertisement , sports and weather. Furthermore it’s depressing and mi only watch news when there’s an impending tax or hurricane… I’m straying…

But I’ve been sitting infront of my tv and laptop for the past 48 hours tracking this news report of a female UWI (University of the West Indies) student being mauled by an angry, egotistical, douche bag ,swag fa… sorry young man, simply because… she refused to acknowledge his catcalls. *SIGH* If humanity hadn’t already failed me, it failed me after that broadcast. (If you haven’t seen it or read it, follow the link   It’s 2015 and amidst the droves of women walking around, you choose to beat on that one girl who decided that your cat call just didn’t warrant even a glance- you attack her. WTF???? I am at a loss. This is still one thing, I cannot understand. Why don’t I understand, you ask? (If you didn’t ask, I’ll answer anyway)

You see most women , go through this at least a few times in their lifetime. It was a given since our creation. Men are attracted to women. Fine.  Jamaican women, however have come to understand this to be a ritual, with select techniques .(Please see the video below for a more expansive explanation).

The everyday Catcall to a Jamaican woman is the always objectifying  “PSSSSSSST, good body, my size, champion, Browning, slimmaz, fluffly, girlfriend, babes, Empress and my favourite slippaz. I’m sure there are more but you get the picture.  In other places in the world, When a man cat calls a woman, two of the most obvious reactions might occur.

  1. She may respond favorably (Stop,  engage in conversation, flirt, exchange numbers etc )OR
  2. She may respond unfavorably (tell yuh bout yuh granny, walk straight past you, Ignore you, increase the speed of her pace).

The latter are obvious signs that the male’s attempt are unfavorable. With feelings hurt or ego crushed, what to do? As with any type of rejection in this life. MOVE THE HELL ON, Because every hoe(certainly no pun intended) have dem stick a bush (There’s somebody out there for everyone) .  I’m not going to hate on anyone strategy for mating, if cat calling is your thing as a guy, by all means do that. If you’re rejected, no need to get aggressive. Just like that little blue engine train that could- keep trying. But if all else fails, it would make sense to stop doing that and try a smoother approach, like saying hello. (It works, sometimes). Whatever you do, endevour to remaining respectful, not because she’s a woman but more because she’s a HUMAN BEING .

Is it that this chap, felt so “up deh” and ego driven that he needed to defend his ego by beating on a girl who turned him down? Even if she had answered him, with probably profanity or you know, extend the middle finger as a sign of friendship (which I would probably do) did he really need to hit her? Like what exactly does he profit from putting a woman in the hospital because she  “diss him” other than going to jail for a while?  Let me in on your thoughts in the comments.



One thought on “The Jamaican Catcall! Now comes with head bashing action grip

  1. I clearly remember walking to my dorm while at UTech one night….. I was approaching a group of hooligans (for they couldn’t possibly be gentlemen) when one yelled that he was waiting for me to come over to him. My light response to ‘keep waiting’ was immediately followed by stones being thrown in my direction. Some things I fear will never change. Quite unfortunate really. I say that noone should be able to graduate without completing a ‘finishing school’ course in etiquette.

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