Uncensored 2013

Disclaimer: I know the New Year start suh noboda mek it obvious seh mi late 😛

Entry for  December 31,2013

After writing Uncensored notes for the past couple years, I’ve realized that this time every year I’m always reflective of what took place and thankful for all the experiences.However, do I learn from them? I mean the whole idea of this “life” thing is to learn from our experiences. I think this year was one of True reflection and New beginnings. A lot of life altering events have happened things that have molded me into the person I am now. This is Uncensored-2013 New beginnings

1. Still on my hair journey, just without the over hydrating and sudden and overly African consciousness- No OFFENSE! – Finally locked my hair #Empressinmyownway

2.Brought home the Ice Princess Snow – who just so happen to be my demon possesed housemate for a good 6 months


3.Start set up life inna bush ville- Mi seh this nuff last year, starting off on your own is hard so it’s an amazing feeling being able to buy your own stuff even if its just a washing machine and getting stalked by sexy voice Toorel! #yayaldulthood

4.Watched America  get all anal about the “Racist” VW ad which for us was too dumb to be offensive

5.Learned to value and be thankful for the little I had

6.Still a fight nuff transformer size Lizards- Mi nuh know weh Manchester have weh di res a Jamaica nuh know bout but sumn inna di water or the air mek them lizard thing here tough nuh bumbaat

7.Missed my family terribly

8.Got promised a pig by a kid – Truest form of affection that enuh

9.Got Snow’s Yang- Raven, who is apparently afraid of everything that makes a sound and will resort to hissing at you hysterically for no reason. Thanks again Ren 🙂

10.Began adjusting at work- Not the easiest place to deal with but I’m getting  used to it

11.Took my kids out to Kingston- Living in the city we take so much for granted and assume that everyone “knows!” what’s going on they don’t sadly. It was also cool to hear what my students thought of me- fi some reason when them leave the magical force field of the campus them start tell weh dem did think bout you and how which teacher walk inna which boot  #weallguitlyofit

12. Watched Monster! One of the greatest and well done animes ever!  Makes you think twice about the decisions we make and the psychopaths we meet.

13.Island Trod with my folks- It’s a shame especially for my overseas peeps reading when i saw I haven’t explored my entire island home. But this year I had the opportunity to. Travelled as far as Portland to Montego Bay in one day. It was truly breathtaking.. literally.#chestconvultions


island Trod- Portland

14.Open day! My student’s got a chance to show off what they’d been working on for the past year, which was pretty cool. Don’t wanna toot our own horn but we did good! #teamartdept

15.Liguanea Art Festival- This year was pretty drab I suppose because Latoya wasn’t there but it was still worth looking at

16.Tour of National Gallery and Scavenger hunt- One of the coolest trips this year again with my students- di pickney dem fren up everybody in the gallery! So instead of finding the clues i had left in the gallery or answering the questions, them just ask O’Neil… Thanks again O’Neil.lol. Oh Met Tiny T-rex hands Bennie man #isthatwhytheycallhimthat?






17.The bleaching phenomenon- which shocked half our country, since we only saw the surface of this epidemic. I still found it disturbing how that one chick said she doesn’t shower when bleaching…#ewwwmuch

18. Summer break! Praise jesus! I prayed hard every day for this break way more than the kids did

19.Summer Bumming- Slept my heart out. Teaching does that to you.



Scavenger hunt at NG

20.Saw the most movies- I think this year i probably burned my eyes out on how many movies and anime i watched. A notable one though would definitely be the movie Elysium very possible movie.

21.Live Music – still mind blown over the  Blukid and J-Stone performance. #Wicked sound!

22.Anime Film Festival 🙂 Was pretty cool!

23.Animenation-…. yay!!! sobs… which i didn’t attend. I was so broken about this. It was out of pure frustration too. I hadn’t finished my costume and a truck load of other crap.. all in all it was a shit of a night. Even more since the costumes looked so hardcore this year and what burned even more was the fact that someone did Black Rock shooter and my costume was Shooter’s rival Strength. SO MUCH BURRRRRN 😦 Sigh.. over it… lets move on #nextyearnahmissme


Strength… my supposed cosplay character..sigh

24.Enchanted and Ochi Tour with the lovely Ms. Gail- thanks again my dear, we thoroughly enjoyed our vacation








25.   Forgave

26.  Forgot- in the most unorthodox way

27.     Hung out with Coretta- School girl screams!! She’s still the coolest animator and all around         kick ass chick role model lady awesomeness person san :3

28. Met new friends  far and wide-  American, Kiwi.Aussie,Trini, massive! Unno LARGE! Soon come visit! (Let me know if you understood that.lol)

29.Final Year Show 2013- It’s been a year since I left and watching my friends and school mates present their ideas and processes to the world as a rite of passage was tremendous. Congrats again guys!

30.Watched the Government very swiftly and effortlessly destroy the education system with sole dumassary

31. Saddened by the continuous and pointless death of our students because they refuse to be CHILDREN

32. Said goodbye to my Grandmother and Uncle- Rest In peace #But our citizenship is in heaven,

33.Was partially depressed.

34.Connected with family-the only positive outcome of death..

35.Had faith that things would get better-through prayer and steadfast faith they did.

36. Watched America make stupid decisions and hardworking people suffer because of it #shutdown

37. Roise was flooded out, nuff water like Hellshire #callthecontractor #howtoocuteagosleep #TUTTYGRAN!


38. Had an AMAZING birthday 🙂 Much love and respect to those who made it special

39.Watched my friend say goodbye to her mom #ImisshertooZ

40. JUTC Broke DOWN NUFF and Broke nuff pocket

41.Saw the good in even the most unbearable.

42. Moved… AGAIN- I should be given an award for apartment jumping so often. #house warming gifts still welcome

43.Watched my little sister ascend to the adult world- Congrats again Trudz


Tutti Bday! 🙂

44.  Said see you later to my sister Sita – I miss you so much ❤ I’ll come visit

45.Gained some weight! I didn’t think it was possible. God has heard my cry!lol now if it would go in the right places :/

46.Watch Jamaica beam with pride #Team Tessanne #TessandtheTessless- Congrats to Tessanne Chin on her win in the VOICE competition. You have made us proud #loudupdimashuproad!

47.Said goodbye to Prince Ferdi- I will miss all the wonderful pictures of you my sweet little fighter R.I.P

48.Had another wonderful anniversary- Thank you for another year my love. #We pray for more blessings









Image49.Watched my beautiful nephew grow up. I’m still in awe of how wonderful God is in his creations. I wish for you many many More birthdays Micah! #Thank you Lord firstly! Thank you Marlon &Fallon 🙂













50. Drove a Go kart! I’m an awesome driver and I could definitely see the enjoyment on my screaming passenger’s face :D. Right Terry?lol  #TeamForbes #racerface

2013 was a year of mixed feelings, one of struggle,entertainment, learning, adversity, friendship. To those who continue to be beacons of light and support in my life, thank you. To does who have done their own forms of wickedness to me thank you, you simply made me wiser and stronger. To does who can manage to get me to smile on the crappiest of days thank you so much! I needed it. For those who continue to read mi bickerings mi love unno!

Have an AWESOME new year!



One thought on “Uncensored 2013

  1. What a year indeed! Glad there were so many good things about it and I was a part of that .. Hope to have more adventures with you! I wish for you a prosperous 2014! One filled with challenges that can be overcome and lots of unforgettable happy memories!

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