Back ye Heathen! September


Ah another beautiful summer morning, what shall i do today?
Stop lying through your ass summer isn’t over…
Then some one went and posted this.


To the punk who posted it….  I shall poke thee in yuh yey!

And then i knew it was true. Summer DIED!! you @$%&!!! bastards! I haven’t even lived yet!!!

A large amount of my summer was busy doing  unsummer related things. Work stuff, that you just don’t do in summer but HELL i was doing them.   So it’s only natural that i spent time making love to my bed. Spending some quality time getting to know the intricacies of those cotton sheets I had gotten from my mom as a housewarming gift (gifts are still welcome, the house not warm yet :D)
Then one day turned into two days turned into me spending a great deal of time calling my mom on her cell phone to bring me food upstairs :3 God bless mommy. Until of course i got a phone call reminding me that i was suppose to hang out with a couple people before summer ended.
I was like “no worries we’ll have tons of time today’s monday”. “umm… no today’s thursday, come out we’re going to the movies tonight”
O_O how many days was i stuck in my room for? Apparently three weeks, with the occasional coming out for social interaction and bathroom.
I could feel myself having a panic attack summer was  ending and i did nothing?!!!!
So with less than a week left in my summer, i crafted a list in less than 5 minutes. Though i didn’t get to do all the stuff on my list , nor did i get to document it all (there are still cameras out there with footage and photos i NEED)  I did have an awesome  summer! What was your summer like?- Koi

Ok i actually got up and went somewhere! For like a day and then

download (2)

Bummed around

when you see him you'll shit bricks... or just go  O_O

when you see him you’ll shit bricks… or just go O_O

then bummed with Raven

then bummed with Raven

Then of course in shades... cause we can

Then of course in shades… cause we can

Did some art: Of course there’s more but you must head on over to for that 😛


Did some art- Mike, I absolutely love your face thank

Snowy stalking

Snowy stalking

Between the bumming and cat stalking, I saw ELYSIUM  which was pretty damn cool- Thanks Spikem :3

download (1)as well as some live music VERY good stuff. Would love to see these guys perform again


Enchanted trod and St Ann trod in no particular order


IMG_6445DSC03029 DSC03046 DSC03055 DSC03068 DSC03085 DSC03107 DSC03113

my new friend Edward cause he's sparkly

my new friend Edward cause he’s sparkly


I wonder who he’s calling… seeing that these pay phones don’t work anymore.
Yep we don’t have pay phones in Jamaica



2 thoughts on “Back ye Heathen! September

  1. HaHa I feel exactly the same way! I literally spent an entire week in bed… only getting up to do the necessities! Then it dawned on me that it’d all be over soon and only then did I try to cram stuff in! Aye me!
    Looks like you had a pretty nice summer though and hope all goes well!

    P.S. Can’t wait to get ‘Enchanted’ again 🙂

    1. IKR! we must definitely get ‘Enchanted’ again I better stop before folks think we’re talking bout
      It was a nice break, dying for another one really soon soooo tired 😦

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