BOOOM! I’m back!

Oh sweet lord! I got bronchitis! I might as well since I’m a horrible HORRIBLE blogger. My last time stamp was January 15th… damn AINT nobody got time fo that! What  have I  been up to since then?

Well sure as hell not getting a cold pop  while my house burns down like Ms. Sweet Brown ( a me a lone think she tun up wid har gol teeth them?) while you think about how gross and messed up I am for saying that, pree the COMPREHESIVE list of stuff I’ve been doing for the past four months of ABSENSE!

Teaching out mi soul case

In February I took some students to the National gallery. It once again reinforced my belief in how fortunate I was as a child growing up in Kingston, Jamaica.  I had the luxury of public transportation, the exposure of the world around and information at my finger tips.  In 2013, you’d think any other child would have that kind of right?… wrong… it’s a privilege. Our trip to the National Gallery was for most their first time in the country’s capital. Some students had never seen  actual JUTC (Jamaica Urban Transit Company ) buses before. They would occasionally pass a large building and refer to it as the “BUS PARK” and thought that everywhere that had lots of people was Half way tree.

And of course some may laugh at the ignorance of these children but it really humbled me.  Our trip took the form of a scavenger hunt, which i pre- planned with the staff at the National Gallery of Jamaica. It was pretty awesome. Thanks again Oneil :).

Students were put into groups and sent to wonder the gallery to search for “clues”. Some got lead astray and struck up interesting convos with tourists who would be teaching them a bit of their own language. Fi hear them a try talk

Country kids are actually really cool at getting almost anyone to talk to them and at length. If you ever need to find out something about someone, par wid a country smaddy. Them know EVERYBODY bizness.  Everywhere we went they made friends with someone and was able to give me a full report on the individual. They we also really easy to Everybody “swag tun up” . The lean foot granny “swag tun up” the saggy diaper dude “swag tun up” the no teeth madman “swag tun up”. I was starting to wonder if they were developing sarcasm or them just blind.


Mr. Lawrence did an awesome job guiding the students around the gallery

up close and personal

up close and personal











The second leg of our trip took us to the Edna Manley Collage, where the students were exposed to the different schools.

Again i turn my back for two seconds and there they went making friends with random strangers. My warnings of kidnap and rape did not disturb them at the least. One student responded “Miss, mi too smart and ole fi nubadi tek me weh a town gyal alone get tek weh” . SIGH. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and so did I 🙂 If it was one thing that impressed me the most, was their over whelming display of common courtesy and manners. Mek mi heart swell man.


DSC02489 DSC02484 DSC02483 DSC02495
















Liguanea Art Festival 2013 and PHS Open day 2013

March- April was a melting pot of art exhibits. Ligueane Art Festival was as usual, a lovely display of Jamaican art works. Though this year was a bit sad and gloomy and it showed even in the weather. I think Latoya not being here this year made it suck. I didn’t even stick around for long this time. I felt like i had seen most if not all of the same people I saw last year. There were new participants and new works but it felt same ole same ole.


Sculptor Laura Facey


Painter Lennox Coke


My lecturer and Master potter Phillip Supersad teaching a munchkin how to play the drum



















I had to jet back to Chester for the preparation of the Porus High School Open day 2013, which was a lot more exciting.  I suppose because my munchkins were showcasing their own works of art. Generally open day highlights the students work from all subject areas.

Leading up to Open day felt like a competition #TEAM ART DEPT! Fighting against different departments to have the best displays.  It was good ways to sell the subject areas as well as show case the talents and skills of our students. Good job guys


Art Department Display




Student’s pastiche piece of The white witch of Rose Hall
Originally done by Andrea Haynes Peart









April also had a real sad and life changing lesson for me. I lost two members of my family so quickly and it only reminded me how short our time on earth is. Being all sentimental and nostalgic won’t fix much. All I can do is thank God for lending me these people for the short time I knew them and encouraging other’s not to waste their lives. As dumb as the concept of YOLO is you really do live only once. Out of sadness comes joy though, I got to spend time with my family and really reflect on the important things.

With May just ending a couple of hours ago, I’m starting to see how time is speeding up. The year just start and it soon done to box cova. Too much drama going on  in the five likkle months inna the year still.  All we can do is keep watching. For the few people who have been cussing me out to start writing again thank you 🙂 .


3 thoughts on “BOOOM! I’m back!

  1. Terribly sorry it took me so long to comment! You surely have been busy. Kids do teach you alot and it’s great that you thought to give them such an experience!

    aweee sorry that this year’s art show was a doozey! Wonder what happened though :O

    SE YOU SOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!

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