Burn List Accomplishments! What’s your aim for the New Year?

It’s already been four days into the New Year. My four day vacation.lol The new year which has been the second year to have different numbers in it.lol Useless knowledge. Who knows?  It might help me on a game show one day.  Last year this time I had written down my new year’s burn resolution list. This entailed stuff that could be done in a month rather than in a year and could be changed every month if you feel like it, things that could be rewarded for.  Let’s review last year’s list to see if I have accomplished any:

1.Start a blog… Start and STICK with a blog. I’m here aren’t I and you’re reading right? So done.

2. Start journey to becoming a better artist. I haven’t really been practising much and with moving away I stopped working for all of five months. On the plus side my new place has an extra room which has been occupied by the magazord lizards and cobwebs. So a new project of mine, is to convert that room  into a studio/ my boyfriend’s gym ( I’m just saying that so he can get off my back about it) But hey! It’s a new year and I think this objective will forever be on my list for years to come.

3.Tap into my inner health nut. BAHAHAHAHA!! I’m sorry, I’d be lying if I said all I ate was veggies and fruits last year. No. Sadly. I’ve sinned  many a times at the  temptation of fries, burgers and some such. (Singing Rock of ages!!) But God did know seh  mi woulda backslide so him sen me go a bush fi eat up the yam and sweet potato. My diet changed significantly since I moved to Manchester. I gained six HEALTHY pounds.lol Plus, I feel healthier, my chest condition hasn’t bothered me for a good while.

So two out of three. Not bad. And see, no long ass list to feel bad about not getting done.

What of this year? This time around my list might be more of an aim for the year  list instead of something that can be done in a few months. THIS YEAR I HOPE TO:

1. Revamp my new place. Like I mentioned a million times, I MOVED. The house is empty; I had  no idea I had so little stuff minus stuff I used to think was mine.lol. The living room couches (my folk’s) the entertainment system (my folk’s) CARPETS!!! (Sadly… my folk’s). I make echoes in my living room for fun so as you guess my house is pretty empty and sad. This of course includes my studio.  I’ve been looking into making some of my own furniture. Psssh I’m a freaking creative it shouldn’t be too hard… I think.

2. Begin my Post Grad- Graduate studies. “Yuh nuh  just lef school no ambition gyal?” a friend of mine said when I told her I wanted to pursue my master’s this year. True,  mi nuh have no ambition, people a dead fi finish school and mi wah guh back? On a realz though, it takes true ambition to go back to school even when you’ve got a great paying job and your boss is your bitch who brings you coffee instead of the other way around.   I love learning (yes I am a NERD). What can I say I love the feel of money being  drained from me by a blood sucking institution. lol.  I’d like to think there is so much more I can learn in this life. Not sure what my ultimate goal is right now but I know I do want to become an Art Therapist is the near future. So bring on the book work… again!

3. Becoming a better artist… oh yea and getting my work out there. This of course can only be accomplished with hard work and actual… work. So it means I really do need to get some work done. And of a high quality. Sure I have a one work a Trinidad and my final year show exhibition but ultimately I would like my work displayed more widely. It’s every young artist’s dream to exhibit their work so it’s only natural that I want to do this.

Let’s see how these all turn out. Again Happy New Year and God’s richest blessings with unno New Year’s resolution thing dem. My burn list works for me so I’ll stick to that. Oh yea I recently found a list of things to get rid of for a prosperous new year. Cause mi know nuff a we will make lists of things to add but not remove. This is so getting printed! http://pinterest.com/pin/258112622364626388/


– Koi


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