UNSENSORED 2012: We survived the ” apocalypse”! Gangnam styled and a bitter-sweet 2012 to you too

As usual another UNSENSORED 2012. This year possibly was one of the most bitter sweet years of my life. A lot of growing has taken place in these past 12 months. I’m amazed myself how things have turned out. Gonna do it a little bit differently this year though . Pree: oh! if unno smart click the picah them a bottom.


1. Started ANOTHER blog but this time stuck to it. As a means to prove my commitment to projects, I created a personal blog. There were times when I left it lonely (sometimes unavoidable) but I’m proud I actually got people to read my blabber. Thanks again for the support and keep reading. For those who haven’t check out flee to my archives to have a look at the past year’s stuff.

2. Got a baby cat! Lol well he isn’t a baby any more. Akiyo (which means white world; though we call him Rice ball sometimes) has become my new boss. See, cause cats don’t have owners nah uh they have STAFF! When he meows that means “ staff go get my food”, “staff cuddle me”, “staff get off my bed “(which rightfully belongs to me but hey it’s HIS bed).  Cats have such amazing personalities. Ratings again to JSPCA for letting me adopt such  great company and taking care of the abandoned animals all over and  a BIG thank you to my hubby for giving him to me!


3. Delved deeper into digital painting like I had wanted to and started the series of the Gigias. A pretty interesting investigation of the human female and my interpretation of them. Feel free to take a look at my process at my work blog over at

4. Cut my hair off as a symbolic statement. A woman’s hair is her pride. True. But I always said that if I ever did cut my hair it would be a symbol of one journey ending another beginning. I have completed my college education and have stepped into a new chapter, thought it only fitting to make such a bold step with a new look.


5. Documented my final year of college. Walked around with a camera trying to collect as much of my last few months of my journey at the Edna Manley College. It felt so surreal knowing I wasn’t going back September but all good things must come to an end.


6.Finally went to Liguanea Art festival. Saw awesome works of art by awesome artists. Some of whom I’m proud to know. Big up Kamaal Manboard and Latoya Gail . Met some legends as well (Lara Facey Cooper). AND finally got to meet and swoon over Jean Pearson, who later I groupie hugged.lol Ohhh and not to mention my baptism in Middle Eastern food. Good stuff.

7. Watched UWI get rachet  and tear up di people dem exam.lololol


8. Completed my kick ass thesis.lol  I tooteth my own horn. I actually enjoyed this assignment minus the writing part. But the investigative aspect. What makes someone an art educator? Why do fine artists end up becoming teachers? Can we be both?  Met tons of students and teachers, gained tons of knowledge on the education system here in Jamaica. Ratings to Wolmers High school for Boys especially and to all other participants of the study.

9.Was drawn and photographed  the most this year. Was flattered by the portraits guys. Mi love unno!

10.Prepared for an unspoken war. It is an unspoken culture at EMC and after doing extensive research, most other  art schools worldwide. Arts education is frowned upon, education students are seen simply as teachers and nothing more. They are seldomly treated as artists and performers. At EMC this stigma was like a huge elephant in a room. My group and I decided to change that.

11.Watched  my friends turn into zombies during exams. Lol Man a sleep and cut off them finger cutting stencils. People a sleep inna dem space with paint brush in hand. Stuff we face fulla candeh courtesy of Lacey! And struck by nuff gold thanks to Nick. The grunts and drooling over the preparation of our final year show. We worked hard guys and reaped the benefits.

12. Turned into a mega super sayan bitch. Better me say it than somebody else. Found  myself getting extremely upset at people and things for the production of my show but all in getting it done and done properly.

13. Was on television twice cause Imma a bawsse.lol Nah Just really glad for the feature thanks peeps from CPTC.


14. Made some cut and pastes in friendships.  Ctrl Z some people . Better to let some people go than to keep hold of baggage that does not align with  the advancement of your future.

15.Got then lost an opportunity because God had bigger plans. this year I was chosen to be apart of a program at the Ringling Museum  in Florida. However was instructed to stay for my very first show. I’m glad I stayed but I still feel the what if stabbing at me,

16.Didn’t exist in the system for a good 6 months. SMH Registrar General

17. Had the greatest show on earth! Final Year 2012 did shot (was great). Twas a massive explosion of pure awesomeness by some of the greatest artists I have the honor of knowning. Well done guys!

18.Snow white and the Hunts man disappointed me. Kirstin Stewarts lack of facial expression and wild cheating on Edward behaviour  but le queen… awesome.

19.Loved off Kimbra but still love off Janelle

20.Parred with some awesome people. I miss you guys

21.Parred with LE boss Corretta Singer!

22.Looked for work and a ton of  interviews. Some of which were mad funny. You’d be surprised how WIDE and ranging the Jamaican dialect can  be…weh beh.lol


23.Did commissions which ALL reinforced the lessons taught to me in college. Some were fun others weren’t. Clients can be so nice sometimes (sarcasm) Working with some artists can also be fun and some are idiots (no sarcasm). Lesson of the year! Always have your contract!

24.Saw my babies at Summer school!


25.Watched Jamaica buy out Pablos and Pings black green and gold claat. Didn’t know a suh much machete did inna Jamaica. Proud to be celebrating Jamaica 50 at a time like this but found it totally unnecessary given the countries existing issues which are yet to be resolved.

26.Ernesto the hurricane everyone ignored.lol

27.Olympics 2012! Jamaica’s 1,2,3 AMAZING!

28.Packed up my stuff and moved out on my own. Was super scared and super excited at the same time. My new job required me to move to Manchester. The coldest freaking parish I have ever been to… next to St. Ann.

29.Went to Anime Nation 2012 – was pretty cool. Loved some of the costumes.

30.Said see you later to my good friend  and fellow blogger Latoya Gail. Check out her blog for her recent shanaganz in Savanah Georgia

31.Became an android user. Its soooooo damn coooool!!!!

32.Gained new friends in my new environs. EVON KUN!!! Much respect ❤


34.Experienced  wicked culture shock. Manchester is wayyy different from Kingston check out my post on my experiences there so far

35. Met some pretty cool kids, they’re a lot different from my Immac clan but good kids.


36. Moved again.lol From an apartment to a house. Level up

37. Watch the newbies at EMC riot over stuff we spent years working around. NUBS.

38. Got my first utility bill! I felt it was worth mentioning

39. Got older and wiser (three more grey hair pop up -___-)

40. Watched Utech maintain their Spartan training and beat some poor guy. Boi the topic controversial but be it gay, straight, narrow, lean, penguin or duck he is a person and did not deserve to get beat up like that much more by someone who was hired to protect.

41. Sandy the hurricane everybody hated

42.Said see you later to my oldest brother. Miss you Mj ❤


43. Graduated college with a bang! Sad to say goodbye to all the fun people I spent 4 years with but so glad we survived and finished in style. When I had started Edna I had no idea that this place could ever help me to grow into the person I am today. I thank God firstly for the lessons and the people he put into my life through this institution. To all those who supported me through the process thank you so much. To my classmates and friends  I love you guys and I wish you all the best for the future.


44. Witnessed my friends exhibit their works in the renowned National Gallery of Jamaica. So proud of you people keep up the excellent strides.

45. Welcomed my beautiful nephew Micah Johnson into the world. I’m yet to meet him but I feel like I’m in love with him already. God is so powerful and mighty and I am grateful to know he produced such a beautiful child from a blessed union. Congrats again Marlon and Fallon

46. Had a great Christmas with my family and spent some quality time with my girls 🙂

47.Waited patiently for the  impending doom that was world’s end (According to the Mayans) while eating brownies cuddled up in my hubby’s arms watch anime… oh yea in utter and total fear -___-  Again no man knows the day or the hour of the world’s end and Jesus Christ’s return.

48.Celebrated six lovely years of bliss with my boyfriend. Never loved someone the way I love this guy, my muse and one of my reasons for being. Love you babe. I wish for us many many more years together.

I had a great Year and I’m thankful for all lessons learnt and the ones to come. Make productive strides peeps aim high and never settle for less. As usual to the Almighty , people who motivated me, love, wish me well, hate me, made me feel awesome , aren’t my friends, are my friends, my mentors and mentees thank you for a wonderful year. I wish for you a blessed 2013.


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