New Chapter- Moving out, Moving up (Way overdue)

You never know how much stuff you have until you clean your room. I suddenly feel very guilty for every shopping splurge I had… No i take that back. Slurge Good…

Imagine having to stuff  years of your existence into  suitcases and boxes? Mind you, you can only bring important stuff. It’s like everything I own is suddenly I’m starting a new chapter of my life today. I’m moving out on my own.  Most people my age would be screaming freedom (and I did a little bit inside) but I felt mostly sad. I’d be leaving all my friends and family behind to go somewhere and start new on my own.

But this is the part of the journey that’s expected. Finish school, move out, make a life for yourself. It takes people a while but for others it just pops up. I got a new job outside of town so it means I have to relocate as requested by my new employers. It  took my mom a while to warm up to the idea but she finally said “Go”. I think I’ll miss her more than anyone else.

Oh God this post is starting to sound gloomy and sad. HAPPY TIMES! FUN FUN FUN!!

So I didn’t really want a party. I wouldn’t mind one but I didn’t have the time. You’d be surprised moving out is not as simple as packing up and leaving. Place hard fi find these days. And place expensive. Like dem think young people have money a fly out a dem batty.

What I did instead was inform my cluster of friends that I’d be leaving and we all made little dates to see each other. I still haven’t seen some people but some have not left my side since the  I’ll be back to visit so if you didn’t see me, we’ll see each other online or when I drop in.

The post is dedicated to some of the stuff i did  and my time spent with the few folks that I saw this week.

Daddy Teape

(Every Merl Grovian should know this man!) I went to see my mentor first. The man who is my second father. My art teacher. When people ask why I chose my career his name pops up in the long dramatic story of how I ended up where I am.

For most of the day we worked on a mural some students at my alma mater were working on before they went on summer break. Though the project was more reconstructive We didn’t mind working together again. Just like the old days. Nuff love Daddy Teape.

Shortly after more volunteers showed up and I got to







I visited my favourite Coffee place:

I dropped in by Rituals (Constant Spring) the day after to say bye to some of my favourite people… and teas. oh yea and  the staff. lol  For the past couple years they’ve served me tasty tea… more tea than coffee. They put up with the strange couple who’d sit in the corner for hours chewing off each other’s ears and requesting all the tea wrappers from the purchase of a tall tea ( I collect the wrappers =3)

Them send me off good man. Love that place. 

I passed down wisdom:


I actually went to see my other mentor (I have all of 3 mentors, deal with it). My H.O.D and third mother. It was orientation week at EMC and I was called in to drop a word or two about my own experience to the new coming students. It was insightful to hear what their own thoughts were on education and what they wanted to achieve. The basic, “get the work done, time management and be sure you love it message” was pretty much what I preached.

I also got my dosage of wise words from one of the wisest women I know. Thanks as always for your love, guidance and advice Ms. J

I think the icing on my day was the trod with my brother and the bredrins (My dearest brother Blue, pop tart king Yufferz and Sir Djet  ratings enuh) and that bird…. sigh. That dirty bird…


Trip to St. Ann was cancelled

This crossis nuff storm Issac. Next time mind your own business, please!!. This totally bombed my plans to go see my friends and soak up some waves in the beautiful parish of St. Ann but don’t worry where there’s a will there’s a way. Mus reach. Eventually! So Lace and Troy mi soon come, until then hug the goats for me 😀 My fellow blogger Latoya I will miss you, document every second of your journey love.

Went last minute shopping with husband man

After being with someone for a couple years you have an understanding of what things might be if and when you get married.  My boyfriend and I did some last minute shopping before I left and I wish I had recorded it. Funny as hell,  most of our adventures are usually fun though so I’m sure we’ll get around showing you guys how many ridiculously sad we are one day. Have to tell him a big thank you, he’s been my accountant, consultant, certified nagger and cuddler since I’ve been moving.

To all the unmentioned parings and billings, they happened that’s all that can be said for now. Nuff idling did gwan but I’m still glad I at least saw, hung out with, molested and harassed some of the people I care about.  Wish me blessings on this chapter guys.

– Koi


One thought on “New Chapter- Moving out, Moving up (Way overdue)

  1. Awee I like this .. yea lol Moving on is quite a step but never forget your besties keep in close contact and it’s good that you’re still in the same country as they are 🙂 Sorry too that Isaac screwed up the St. Ann Adventure but we’ll take a ‘rain check’! Your Rituals Coffee was like my Patty haha even now I’m wishing I could have another.

    All the best though! Seems as if you’re settling in well so far!

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