Olympics & Ernesto and no bully beef nah buy.

Ha! I caught you wid Bully Beef! This barely has anything to do with this post =P* Read on*

Yes it’s been an entire month. No I haven’t been on my blog in that entire month. Not to say I DON’T value my wonderful blog and my awesome readers. I just have a way of cursing myself.

“Finally finished with college” I said “Freedom I thought” I was wrong. I should just shut my trap about these things when they happen. On the plus side I’ve been working. Yay! Work! Which is why I haven’t been online much. Doing commissions, personal works, relocating (scary) and of course learning all too soon about things they warned us about in college. Like delinquent clients and other stuff, but that’s something I’ll expand on in my “What’s next” post on my work blog over at http://garciaforbes.wordpress.com/

My second to last post was all but positive and I apologize if I came off as dark and negative regarding my country’s celebration, but I was being honest.

I’d like to think, I have the right to bad mouth my country… since its well… MINE. As double standard as it sounds, if someone of a different nationality spoke badly of my country I’d probably up and cuss dem out but I am free to speak badly about my country cause like I said a fi mi own. Mi know nuff a unno woulda do it too.

Not to say there aren’t good things about Jamaica. I’m happy we’re doing well in some regards but not sure what exactly this Jamaica 50 celebration is to mean to younger generations who never got to see what the REAL Jamaica was like in 62 nor has seen true development.  I would’ve given anything to feel what my grandmother felt when the Union Jack came down and the Jamaican flag went up that day.

So since I left on such a sour note. I want to highlight what’s been happening with this Jamaica 50 thing.

These are the pros of Jamaica 50:

1. Though things won’t be the same as they were when we just gained Independence. It’s good to see that whatever little culture is left in our country is still being highlighted in a big way.  I haven’t been to the Emancipation park events but  I’m told they were good. Really good exposure to our heritage.  Other events like the Mello-Go-roun 2012 sound pretty cool.(Gonna check that out) That ,from my understanding continues until August 5, 2012. Oh yea and not to mention the Grand gala, hear that’s suppose to be fun too.

2. Information is disseminated in a way it has never been before. JIS launched it’s kick ass Jamaica 50 website the other day. From parish profiles, to Jamaica 50 events to a countdown clock to August 6. They went all out. Really shows how the use of technology is being tied into our culture. You should check it out. Even if you’re not a Jamaican, it’s always great to learn new thing especially about a country. Who knew that animal hill was an unusual name given to Hanover for their pigs, deer and lamb? O_oJamaica 50 website

3. Patriotism tun up. Lone black green and gold all over the country. I drove to the west coast recently and everywhere was plastered with the national colours. And if anyone noticed, every bush man known to Jamaica came out from last week to cut away all the greenery that overtook our roads (them things there should have been done WAAAAAAAAY before JA 50. Just saying)

4. Everyone is glued to their Tv. screens watching the Olympics. Though not totally Jamaica 50 related. It’s still BIG. Yes, yes the Olympics founded on the back bone of Greece, has become quite popular over the centuries. Especially among Jamaicans and it’s obvious why. We dominate in track and field. But as of late a few wagonists have now taken an interest in swimming and equestrian. Imma be honest I don’t like swimming neither do i like horseback riding. So it came as a big shock to me that we entered these races and were doing well. *Congrats to the athletes who have done well and the ones who didn’t so so well. Your efforts are commendable.*

But there are some Jamaicans who apparently were into swimming and horseback riding all this time waaaay before Olympics but can’t even remember the athletes’’ names who are representing our country.

Was in the bank the other day and observed the tension in the room when Atkinson came 4th. One guy was like “deh gyal deh name susuki nah win nutten enuh, hear weh she name??(a  she come 3rd though)

So the race starts, after the false start is cleared up of course. Please note he never refers to her as Alia*

Random guy 2: YES gyal, swim gyal, Yes! Yes! Yes!

*this sound wrong yuh fret*

*When she starts to slow down*

Random guy: NOOOO… NOOOO…. WEH YAH DO….. NOOOOOOOO. *ISTEETH* blinking Merican gyal salt her up enuh.

5. And though it seems like everyone has totally forgotten about all djs in prison and the fact that nobody nah buy bully beef and hurricane a come (pot cova dem sell off tho.lol). It seems they’ve also forgotten  how “wrong” or “not Jamaican” the Jamaica 50 song sounds. * I saw this hella funny parody of “Babsy Grange” and “Lisa Hanna” cussing over the song.lol check it out. *

That’s the thing with Jamaicans we can be brainwashed. Now people like it, after they’ve covertly played it at the bus park, in the supermarkets, on tv every couple seconds. It’s become so annoying that we now like it. That’s good promoting right there.  And I hope everyone has noticed the $500 and $1000 bills now look a tad bit different. What do you think about it?

Boi, I’m waiting to see how this all unfolds.  But all the mountains of fabric we tie up on buildings, all the cultural bracing, the over indulgence of patriotism aside, I hope we stop to really think about our country and the direction it’s taking. Lets make the next 50 years (if we deh yah suh long) worth celebrating. Lets try fixing our country so we really have something to celebrate. Do the right things, live, good, love God.

Life goes on.


P.s. No bada mash up the pot cova dem later when the race start -____-


One thought on “Olympics & Ernesto and no bully beef nah buy.

  1. Congrats are totally in order 😀 All the best as you move on to the next stage in your life. Hope relocating’s going well as well. lol yes the right it ours! Same how you make fun of your lil bro/sis but God help anyone else who tires that.

    Everyone’s patriotic now! Special shopping dates to get Jamaica 50 shirts and memorabilia … the colours are all over … walls, gates, side walks, lay bys….and to my dismay iconic landmarks (the St. Ann’s Bay’s Clock tower)
    There’s one more day for you to catch the jubilee village…it goes on 12 pm to am tomorrow. I suppose there may be screens put in place to stream what’s happening at the area (Grand Gala)

    lolol Was it deliberate that you showed a 100 note instead of a 1000. At the rate at which things are going the latter will soon hold as much value as the former!

    Video is hilarious! And from the looks of things

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