Still don’t get why emo hawks don’t eat emo chickens…

One of my strongest qualities is attempting to be positive. Note, i said attempt. I try enuh, really hard too. Repeating mantras of positivity, singing happy songs, praying that the good lord will help me stay sane while I let him do his job and sort stuff out.

This usually lasts about 10-15 minutes… before I either go into a long phase of self blame and rocking in a corner. Bad practice, I know but it’s how i deal with things.  I had no intention of writing about how depressed I am and rubbing my misery off on others but when i started this blog it was with the intention of sharing my thoughts and life experiences.  You did decided fi read it and this unfortunately, is me venting my sad reoccurring life experiences. Hush. I won’t go into details.

But trust me it’s not like I found out I have some very odd, rear, radioactive and incurable disease and I will be forever followed by crack addicted unicorns in my head.   It’s just an accumulation of little things that is now ONE BIG THING.I could and should complain but I won’t. It’s kinda my fault.  Now I’m not saying that when bad things happen it’s your fault (probably is) but things happen and we just have to let live and live (it was really your fault). I’m kidding.

It’s really easy to fall into a phase of depression when bad things start to happen and it’s easy to blame ourselves and others for mishaps. We find it difficult however to be positive and thankful that things aren’t at the peak of destruction. Maybe we need to drop that habit. I know I need to.. One of my best friends  always says that he’s constantly pessimistic because good things will happen, if he’s optimistic bad things will happen. A paradox sure, but it’s a part of our culture and human nature to think this way.

My grandmother used to always say an old Jamaican proverb ” Chicken merry, hawk deh near” I never knew what it meant growing up. I was one of those kids who over thought EVERYTHING. So I wondered why this bad mind hawk would sought out all the happy chickens and leave the depressed ones. But then if he ate all the depressed ones  he’d become even more depressed and just become a massive emo hawk. With eye-liner and such.  Of course  as I grew older, I found out what my grandmother meant; the proverb means that one shouldn’t be too happy because potential danger  is around the corner. But my very childish interpretation of it still made some sense.

You will forever have problems and most of which you have no control over, but you try to stay positive. It is inevitable that you will have at least one negative person making you even more depressed than you were before. And yes you will feel like stabbing them in the neck with a pencil BUT  Stay away from the emo hawk.  Being miserable and  alone is probably better than having a negative person around you making you feel even more crappy. Surround yourself with positive people.

Thing is, we can’t live our lives thinking negatively in hopes that something positive will happen. That just sound fool.  Positivity begets Positivity and Negativity begets Negativity.  No, do not walk around with a massive smile on your face in hopes that someone will say “oh wow you sure are beaming with positivity here’s a million dollars and the solution to all your problems” .No. that will never happen. But you can be positive and work towards fixing what is fixable little by little. Things could be worse. Always remember that when you think you’ve got things bad someone has it worse.

Life can change in a split second. The trick I think at surviving whatever comes our way is not letting the situation define you. How will you  adapt and play the hand that’s been dealt to you. If you’re in a situation where it seems you have no hope and things seem as if they can only get worse. However hard, be positive, things may never be the same but you will survive. Life Goes on- Koi



2 thoughts on “Still don’t get why emo hawks don’t eat emo chickens…

  1. True words there!
    I think I’m on the borderline of being a realist and a pessimist. totally understand that logic tho!

    I’ve skipped trying to be positive all together .. I just go with the flow! Take each thing as it comes and find the best way to overcome obstacles.

  2. Definitely a lot of truth in this right here..someone always has it worse and whatever situation we come upon it is really just temporary..

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