Final Lap Ending- Final Year Show 2012

It’s been a whole week since the pain staking, teeth pulling, screaming at the top of my lungs,  process of preparing for the final year show. And it was… AMAZING! I’m finally finished with college and it was even more rewarding to end this journey with some of the greatest artists I’ve ever met.

For those who have never been to an Edna Manley Final Year show, it’s the first exhibition an art school grad has.  In this show, we present tangible executions of our ideas and concepts we’ve been working on for a year. This is the truest  test of what we have learnt over a period of four years. This mostly applies for Fine arts students though. The process is a little more tedious for Art educators (namely me). I won’t talk too much about the show though, my friend Latoya did a great job of doing a cover of it so check that out here

Along with a thesis, I also had to do an Independent study project as well as a show.  As an Art educator I work with other educators to prepare the show so some of the weight is taken off.  This was a true test of my patience and  my ability to be a good leader. Our final presentation was called LIFE.ology which was a technological enhanced art classroom. Our idea for this space came through our own experiences in the Jamaican Art classrooms.

Our Ideal Art classroom

Many art classrooms here are restricted in space and content because of lack of resources. Students also do not value art as much as they should, even though art affects our everyday life from all aspects. So in a large way OUR show (all 10 of us) was exhibiting our idea of the ideal art classroom. One which spoke to art being applicable to LIFE  while utilizing TECHNOLOGY through visual arts.

The LIFE.ology team

We got the attention of the Minister of State, Mr. Damion Crawford who came in for a drawing class and gladly graded himself before we could. We spent our time doing what we love TEACHING . I think it’s finally sunken in, I made the right choice in choosing Education  and I’m glad I didn’t give up.

Minister of State Damion Crawford

I loved the out pour of praises by other educators and their approval of our efforts. Though highly idealistic, it would be wonderful if every art classroom in Jamaica had half of what we presented for our show. It would definitely aid in pushing the importance of art in our society; our people would be more willing and open to using visual art as an effective tool for social change.

The exhibition runs for one more week from 11-7pm, Monday- Friday 9-4pm Saturday. So if you haven’t seen it drop by.

So since I’m officially finished I can get back to working on my poor neglected I’ve restarted my work blog  so be sure to go over and check  out the process of the putting together LIFE.ology.

Thanks to everyone who helped and supported the process for getting the show done and a BIG thank you to everyone who helped me in the process of completing this journey. A new chapter is starting and I think I’m ready. Life goes on! -Koi


3 thoughts on “Final Lap Ending- Final Year Show 2012

  1. Congrats again! I’m so glad I was able to see it. Indeed it would be great if every classroom could be like that! In time perhaps you’ll find a way to make it work!

    So …… at least a weeks worth of rest is well deserved .. what’s next??? Off to check out your new age and thanks for the shout out! Glad you like the post 🙂

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