A me alone have personal celebs?

You ever see a celebrity in person but you not sure if it’s really the person cause of course there are no lights and make up to match definitively the person to your TV screen?  And of course, it’s also creepy to just walk up to them and start smiling uncontrollably or hiding behind your friend who has very minimal knowledge of Jamaican pop culture  and going “OMG IS RAGA?!! DON’T??! nuh raga dat??!”.

Of course I was the clueless friend who had no clue of whether the man inna the shorts and slippers in the coffee shop was Raggashanti (popular radio host) or not.  That didn’t stop him from turning around couple times, looking creeped out at my friend tearing at my shoulder.

A nuff celebrity I probably buck up in and had not the slightest clue until someone goes “lawd god nuh (INSERT FAMOUS PERSON NAME HERE) dat?”.  I don’t know if I’m just weird or what, but celebrities on a whole don’t get me all sweaty and in heat. Their lives are far too dramatic and overrated for me (especially the American ones).  Like the Rihanna and Chris Brown thing. Why does it matter if Rihanna still corresponds with her woman beating ex? Tons of women do that.  When she gets knocked out again we just shake our heads and move on.And so what his new girl friend wants to deck her?  A she wah get lick (she  must like getting beat up). I just don’t get the hype though.

No, come to think of it I’m weird. I’m the kind of person who creates my constructs of who is a celebrity to me or not. And in conversations when I talk about these people, others will go “who??” and I usually just say “You don’t know  (INSERT MY FAMOUS PERSON HERE)?? You are lame”.

For example, almost a two years now ,I was watching local television and wondered upon an interview on a young Jamaican animator. Corretta Singer. I know tons of people who animate, but this person caught my attention mainly because she’s FEMALE. So you know who start drool and gasp? (Out of admiration of course). Game designing, graphic designing, film, anything new media really… there aren’t a lot of females within these industries  especially in J.A (where wi no have no industry anyway).After watching that interview again and again and again, I decided I needed to meet this person. Phonebooks take too long to search through these days and facebook was just so convenient for stalker- esque activity. I looked her up, sent her a creepy  sounding message and BAM! She replied.

Though partially creeped out, I think she  knew I wasn’t going to hurt her or anything.  Point is, in public media she might not be as famous as (insert random celebrity here) but she famous to me. And guess what? She likes weird people like myself.lol

Just really wanted to meet her, which I did. Power of the internet I tell you.  So recently, since I started my blog on here. I found a Jamaican writer and I found that I could relate to her posts and I found that I was reading them on a regular cause well… them hella funny and they made my day. They also made me feel better about writing in patwah (patois wateva yuh wah call it).  I subscribed, thinking “one day I might send her a message a hail her enuh”. Low and behold! The same week a video pops up of this  woman addressing the Matey/Wifey dilemma. Now a long time mi did wah seh sumn but never get fi do it. But this woman captured it so well. I encored that video couple times for the night.  I later found out it was the writer whose blog I had subscribed to.  The irony!! So because I have a stalker rep (not good) Just wah hail you up from here. Mooretalkja!! Sickness, wicked  vids! Keep em coming. Still reading the blog. For the people who don’t know her yet pree the video in the crotches .

Subscribe to her blog too, share up the videos and like up everything. Great stuff. She speaks the truth and makes it funny suh it nuh hurt. http://mooretalkja.wordpress.com/

For the record… Am I the only one that does that? Have personal celebrities?  Let me know! So I can feel normal again.- Koi


2 thoughts on “A me alone have personal celebs?

  1. DWL This lady is sumn else … she had me from the ‘swiffering is not sweeping’ video 😀 Good points though lol I keep track from a distance.

    I saw Tarrus Riley at the theatre once, wasn’t that big a deal… was my dad who pointed him out but even if he didn’t there was an unmistakable ‘see Tarrus deh’ and when I looked around this random guy was shamelessly pointing at him.

    What she saying about Bolt? I’m so out of tune .. don’t think I keep up with ‘celebrity’ gossip. Don’t envy them either. I love my privacy and at the end of the day, they are people too who just happened to choose a career path that involves interacting with millions of people…. if that makes any sense.

  2. I agree. Mek the people dem live them normal life. Apparently Bolt is dating some white girl and everyone’s down his back about it.
    I was at an exhibition and this random guy started chatting me up and what not only to find out is Protoje at the end of the night. So mi worse than clueless.

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