Short Hiatus: Crazy stuff that happened while I was away.

Suddenly a wild Koi appears, from her short hiatus. Yes I am back but not sure for how long.  This thing called school is coming to an end but I’m not, If that makes sense. I’m somewhat behind and I’m simply trying not to fail school, become a bum and mooch off my more successful friends in the future. For the period of time I’ve been away though all kinds of craziness has started to happen. Some so crazy I have no clue how I shall document it and be taken seriously.Some global and highly ironic.

My hair went for a walk

Well as most of my readers who are friends, acquaintances, stalkers etc would know I recently went for a walk and happened upon a salon. My legs ventured to an empty chair and within 2 seconds, I found that my bottom had fallen into a chair and scissors magically began cutting my hair :). Of course, here in Jamaica the insane walk freely among us.  A young and very strange  woman sat across from me and with tears in her eyes asked “weh yah cut yuh hair fah???” well…. a fi mi own, it will grow back. “Yuh no see how it long?” LE GASSSSP I was never aware of the length of my hair until NOW.  SURE. She insisted upon photographing my shredded hair on the salon floor, so I “will have something to remember it by”.  The hell???  I can never understand people’s obsession with things such as hair and clothes etc.

I wonder if them know seh the long hair weh them sport and have receipt fah dead? That it probably belonged to some poor animal once upon a time?  Material possessions never last long anyway. It gets used up and discarded. Much like my hair, I cut it, it has been discarded. It will grow back. If it doesn’t, looking like Natalie Portman (from V for vendetta) doesn’t sound too bad to

Unfortunately within the country I live and the level of ignorance which exist within our culture is shocking. Some people are still a little bit daft to women donning short hair, no hair or bobs. It’s just taboo. Apparently almost everything here is symbolic of homosexuality. But that’s for another story another time.

Then there are people who keep asking if I’m on team natural. Sigh. First. What the hell is this team nonsense? From Twilight hit. Everyone is on a freaking team. Team lin, team naruto, team bleach, team SOMETHING o_o. So because I cut my hair off doesn’t mean I’ve joined the naturalists. Don’t get me wrong I find going natural refreshing. Less chemicals,  less money (for me), less stress.  Especially in an age where concepts of self beauty and cultural/ethnic identity is so far gone. But I cut my hair as a symbol of my college journey ending. I may cut it again, grow it out, lock it(dreads). I don’t know. *Shrug* You just won’t see over doing it; stealing my mom’s olive oil, drinking water like a plant (though I should) and throwing out my combs. Plus this new  hair knowledge is very interesting. For natural hair enthusiasts though, definitely check out Natural sisatas  (  and black girls with long hair (

Check in the crotch for a pic of my new do V_V


Kony goes Viral

 In the span of two or so days most if not all forms of social media has been spammed with images, articles and of course the well known 30 minute film by the nonprofit organization group “Invisible children”.  Most of us weren’t aware of the happenings of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and their leader Joseph Kony, who is a reported tyrant, adducting children from the villages of Uganda and training the boys as soldiers and girls as sex slaves.  A now viral video was sent to me by a friend who urged me to share (which everyone already beat me to).

After curling up into a ball on my boyfriend’s  shoulder, I felt angry. Upset. Violated. Helpless. And it wasn’t even me.  Within the space of 45 minutes,  I saw friends sharing and reposting, reblogging. It flooded my feed. Which was quiet ironic to the article I wrote after Whitney Houston’s death. This reaffirmed my observation. The internet is a powerful tool. In this case, the Invisible children group were fully aware of this and utilized it. Their idea stemmed from seeking aid from the U.S Government to assist the Ugandan military in Kony’s capture. The group figured if they could raise awareness then MAYBE it would raise the chances of America having more of a foothold in intervening .  An even bigger thing from all this, is the fact that people are screaming wolf. That the Invisible children agency is a fraud, who’s misusing donated funds (whether it be through lofty pay  cheques for founders or whatever) and calling for the capture of a man who they aren’t 100% sure is still even in Uganda.

And though we live in a world where people seem to love to critique situations more than assisting in the betterment of said situation; some claims are debatable. What if the U.s does intervene? Thousands of millions of children they’re trying to save will die anyway, sure maybe.

Millions of “misused” money is being made from the care packages being sent to donators. Good point. We have problems of our own, in our own countries . Sure maybe whatever. But the fact of the matter is most people who never cared about anything not even issues within their own country two nights ago became sensitive to an issue happening to people who really need help. That should count for something.  Young people, in a generation which has been labeled as failed, have risen up to attempt to stand up for something. Kudos again.

Even if they never catch or kill this Kony assclown, they would have raised awareness (in a way I’ve never seen before and so effective at that) on other monsters like him. Though this campaign has been sensationalized. In my personal opinion, it’s one bandwagon I’m glad YOUNG people within this generation and younger are joining.   It can at least be said that we stood for something that was right. Furthermore, if there are s many problems within your own countries, what have you been doing to help fix it? If you haven’t  done anything , shut up and stop being selfish.

Jamaicans reading this can attest that all the youth weh no watch news or read newspaper could care less who wins local government election or how infestation of rats in the Kingston area ends up. But they sure know who Jospeh Kony is and what he has done through this 30 minute, very well done documentary.

I sincerely hope he is caught and brought to justice. I support this fight, though no care package nah buy no time soon. As a young person representative of Jamaica, I support this cause. A like on fb might not seem like it can do a whole lot but let’s wait and see shall we?

Welcome to “Jahmaker” Mas Harry

So Prince Harry was here as a part of the Jamaica 50th Jubilee celebration. My country turns 50 this year. We’re still pretty young. And in retrospect of our development, it’s rather bitter sweet. It can be said that we’re persevering despite all the crap that took and takes place.

I wasn’t too fazed about him being here. Really I don’t think much of anyone was really fazed by him being here. Not like 1966 Queen’s visit, when she visited Jamaica and it was a MASSIVE thing as my grandma would describe to me. The buying and selling of British collector’s items. Cups with the British flag, vases with your majesties images, wall hangings you name it we had it. We Jamaican are pretty good at marketing even waaay after an .

But very little of that since Harry’s visit. He seemed to have had a great time though. Dancing with Bob Marley’s wife, wearing Clarks, kicking Usain Bolt’s tush ( who obviously lost on purpose because winning against Harry  and making him feel like a loser wouldn’t be very friendly and we’re pretty friendly

Oh yea and he invited the National clown to Photoshop.. I mean joined his company while he was here. Great chap he is. Or in the words of our prime minister “He’s very very nice” (FACE PALM) (look for yourself)  I’m sure his charm captivated her to the point of lack of an expansive vocabulary. His visit rubbed us roughly  $3 million, the most she could have done was use any other word that wasn’t “nice”.

On that note. I recently heard our prime minister call for the Queen to be removed as head of state of the island. Many moons and stars ago Jamaica was the colony of the British of course like most other Caribbean countries. We still have a relationship with Britain.  I don’t think our Prime minister was thinking too straight when she made that request known… but then again we have a history of opening our big mouths about our mother state. Just saying.


A yah so mice

I simply cannot get over the infestation of rats  within the Kingston area. Unhygienic yes but usually we are known to take very serious matters and make jokes of them. I suppose it’s how we deal with But them a deal wid Cbar a way.lololol Unno stap it!

On an ending note. Thanks to the few followers I have who still check their inboxes to see if I’ve posted anything, like a sad high school girl waiting by the phone for that guy to call only to find out he’s dating that slut from So sci ( just mek that up) . I’m presently writing my thesis (school sucks!!) and it’s draining my very life source like Edward wishes he could … ok bad analogy =.=…

I will post when I can. So look out for my posts. Bring a friend, reblog! Thanks again for the support.

– Koi


3 thoughts on “Short Hiatus: Crazy stuff that happened while I was away.

  1. Hehe! Yes you’ve made up for lost time I see!! lol

    Indeed the things that go viral! I don’t know how I feel about this one .. feel sad about it but …. err ….. Wish them the best on their campaign! Can see that a lot of work has gone into that.

    I had plans to meet my prince in Falmouth but much cooler came up … heard he got bomb rushed by a huge crowd so I guess I may have gotten trampled all over! hehe

    All the best with your thesis!!!

    1. hahaha well it’s on my bucket list (my last post) to meet a prince SOOOO I’ll take that into consideration for the next visit :d *Looks around*

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