Internet badda than chinese telephone

Was right in the middle of my most recent well prepped post when I noticed my facebook notifications started piling up all at once.

Now usually my notifications take a while to pile especially if I’m right in front of my pc. Rear occurrences such as these could mean but one of two things: Celeb related or someone died. Unfortunately it was both. Whitney Houston had died thus my facebook news feeds were going off the charts.

From you tube video  tributes, the status tributes, to people arguing about deleting friends from their lists if they didn’t butt out about who was spontaneously posting about how much of a Whitney fan they were.  I’m no Whitney Houston fan (I probably only knew a few songs of hers and really liked that sound track she did for Moses the animated movie) but I was shocked and still saddened by the unforeseen death.  ( Hearing a couple people saying they saw it coming with her drug related problems but whatever).  Like I said I wasn’t a fan so barely knew anything about her other than her contribution to the music industry as a black musician.

I don’t want to make it seem like I’m band waggoning on the current happenings, especially not on the day someone just died but this was (for me) the perfect example of how fast information travels on the internet. This woman died a couple hours ago, more than likely this information was published as soon as her body was discovered. Whether it be by hotel staff, friends whomever. Once it got to the cyber waves it spread like wildfire and by 6:30ish Jamaican time it blew up on twitter and then on face book. But who knows where it started. I’m just amazed at how this news travelled so fast in a short period of time.

The internet has replaced the cell phone, postal mailing services, telegram by simply being faster and more convenient.  It’s the greatest means by which we  buy sell or even get famous like this VERY talented young man — > (Ironically I was watching old Michael Jackson vids when I found this)

The internet is one of the most amazing inventions by humans and one of my favourites (Where else can you find stuff like a guy covering a Michael Jackson track with just his mouth???) . Knowledge at your finger tips and still, we take it for granted. Mind you, it’s still being threatened and people are still wasting time flooding it with junk. But that’s another post for another time.

Since this wasn’t the intended post. Something more spur of the moment, I’ll keep this short. But i can’t help wondering if in all of this fans of this deceased celebrity have stopped to think about her past her voice and talent. To her being simply a person . A mother, a daughter, a sister whatever role she played to those around her. Know what I mean?  I think we tend to forget about those aspects of celebrities lives when they pass away…  # Just saying.

Respect to the max to the internet we shall keep fighting to keep it free for and unfiltered for everyone

My deepest condolences to her Family and fans. I’m sure her music will live on to inspire- Koi


One thought on “Internet badda than chinese telephone

  1. Tell me about it! Even my dad had heard before me! I love her songs, computers loaded with them … she had a wonderful career when she was at her best, sad that her life got so twisted.

    IKR can’t possible imagine how her daughter feels at this moment what with news of her being spread at every angle! *sigh*

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