Ma look a work!!! Jamaican Job hunting

Me :Hello?

Shifty sounding lady: … yea… ello…

Me: Um… I was told that your company is looking for promoters.

Lady: WHO THIS???

( Baby crying  and dog barking in background)

Me: Uh.. Name’s Garcia Forbes


Me: Forbes…

Lady: nuh dat mi seh?!  Ms. Forms come to (Insert name of place I’ve never heard of) with nine hundred dollars before 1 o clock

me: Umm but…

Lady: Yuh haffi hurry! before 1 o’clock!! Call me back on this number… no boda private yuh numba enuh oh and bring your TRN and NIS… Mek sure nuhbodi nuh falla you *Hangs up*

This is what a phone interview for a job sounds like in Jamaica. Well the fraudulent ones anyway. But it’s hard to even get a job much less a normal interview.

The most common linking trend with most young people in Jamaica is not the  dance hall music we listen to, not the loads of piercings everyone be rocking these days, Not the overly tight circulation cutting skinny jeans but UNEMPLOYMENT (GASP!!)

Yes the dreaded (wait lemme count…) 12 letter word.  To most people it might not be that big of a deal but here it’s the difference between staying at home doing nothing becoming useless or being a productive and effective part of your family/ society.  A young person with a job these days means Responsibility, PRIDE in self, CONFIDENCE that one can contribute to their households; whether you’re still living with your folks, married, sharing a place with roommates. But getting one is extremely tough…


Ironically all of last week had something to do in one way or the other to do with job hunting. From that awkward phone interview to the very helpful job preparedness workshop provided by my school. It was really informative, made me realize that I’m not as prepared as I thought I was. You might have  a great resume accompanied by an equally great application letter but what do you do while you wait for your prospective employer to call?

1. Improve skills that you already have– Can’t hurt to keep practicing and improving on your skills that will aid you with your future job. A lot of companies issue tests and performance assessments to prospective employees even before hiring  them. They want to know if you’re really what your resume says.


2. Observe others in the career you’re seeking-  Ask questions. How’d they get there? What were the steps they took to developing in their field? What advice would they give to you?


3. Network–  In Jamaica we love to say links run the world.  And it may come off as a bad thing but networking  is pretty much what we refer to as “links”.   Meeting new people can never be a bad thing, especially to  a growing career.  Meet new people, get involved in groups, whether it’s online or in person.  Someone from that group might know someone else seeking a professional in your field.


4. Freelance/ Volunteer– Attempt to offer your skills at your own rate on your own time. Volunteering experience also looks great on your resume and you’ll be giving back to someone/somewhere that needs it.  This might even help with building skills you can boast about on your resume if you’re still looking for a job.


5. Be positive– Sitting around crying, complaining and wallowing in self pity isn’t going to help you get a job. Looking for one and exercising patience while occupying your time with productive activity will. It can get frustrating especially if others around you have acquired jobs and you still haven’t. Does mean something is wrong with you. Like I always say “Your process is different”.

6. Don’t get distracted– It happens to the best if us. Home. No work. Facebook. Twitter. Tumblr. You tube. WASTE TIME. Keep your head in the game. When the boredom of waiting hits you refer to tip 1 & 4.

7. DON’T GIVE UP!! Keep looking, keep sending out resumes. They either answer or they don’t. Just keep trying. Git up guh look a work! Your pockets and ability to buy stuff will thank you.



3 thoughts on “Ma look a work!!! Jamaican Job hunting

  1. (con)artists needed!
    Lol yes Miss life coach! Good read n watch.
    Dayumn well I stopped reading the classified for jobs ….I’m more into places for rent! That’s another story.

    Job interviews are strange… you never know what they’ll ask. I went to one and the interviewer played music and was busy chatting to ppl on FB … another kept asking .. so that salary that you suggested… is that negotiable? Yea? How negotiable??!!! :S

    Good pointers though! Net working is real important these days.

    1. lol cheap labour them looking? Thanks as always love :). Still keeping my eyes peeled. Networking is useful just as long as your interviewer isn’t the one doing it while in an interview (RUDE much?).

      1. Must have been the case!!! Cha! But all things work out for the best you know! I prolly would not have been happy there…. hehe @ networking

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