Procrastinators unite! tomorrow still…

I’m back at school, which is why I have been neglecting my blog. No it has nothing to do with the loads of paintings I’ve started and not finished, it has nothing to do with all the personal work I have to do and of course it has not a thing to do with my recent ascension to kitty motherhood (in a small way yes it does). Though I have a small portion of free time, these things haven’t been looked at since I’ve gone back to school. (Except the cat) .  As a matter of fact my courses have lessened but the work load of each course has increased. Like wth?? Shouldn’t it get easier now? Oh no young monkey butt. It gets worse..

You’d think that even with this little time I have on my hands I’d be practicing , doing some eye gasmic works of art, writing tons of posts and getting back to my 365 challenge  to reinforce my ability to commit (or lack thereof) OR even to catch up on all the awesome movies coming out. NOPE. I use it to procrastinate about stuff I need to get done but never do. Then complain about how I could’ve used that free time to do what I wanted.   Why? I really don’t know. I can’t even justify my lameness.

In the back of my mind I can hear the voice of my high school science teacher. Mrs. Douglas “ Time management ladies time management” and the horrible story she’d scare us with.  If you failed CSEC (biggest exam  of your natural born  life) you’d end up working some lame job,  becoming spontaneously pregnant (with failure) or pumping gas in your fail mobile. Back then we’d cry our eyes out and make oaths not to end up like that.  Cause in high school, they thought we had no lives and all we were suppose to do was study and pass our exams( see the ploy behind the horror story?).  Funny enough in high school that’s exactly the opposite of what you’re suppose to  Not saying become a waste, but try to enjoy high school (the healthy way) and still maintain a good grade point average.  See because nobody warned me about college nor this concept.

In high school you could hang with your friends all night and have a heavy swatting session the morning of your chemistry exam.  And PASS. In college, either get swamped with work + get good grades= have no social life.

2. Have a rocking social life + have enough sleep = becoming a waste of space with failing grades

3. Maintain an awesome GPA + great social life = death or transformation into a brain eating sleep deprived zombie

And seeing as you can only pick two, I suppose I have no social life. But even with no social life I still find time to procrastinate. GENIUS!  Procrastination doesn’t necessarily mean I’m off wasting time you know. If I put off writing on my blog (big deal to me) so I can do school work (big deal to my future) I’ve created some sort of hierarchy then. Putting off the least important thing for the more important thing.

So I suppose there is such a thing as good procrastination?  Need to research that. Until then I suppose I need to get off my tush and get stuff done. As for the blog I won’t get to post as much (that has already been established)  It’s been limited to about 2 time per week. So watch out for those posts.

Do what you need to do peeps. Live long and prosper .



2 thoughts on “Procrastinators unite! tomorrow still…

  1. Ha Ha I tell you I spent all of yesterday saying ‘I need to do some work’ then all of this morning 12 am – 3 am saying why did I waste all that time earlier! Could have been sleeping now! Chaa

    Best wishes with the new school term well under way! Strive for AWESOMENESS!!

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