First day of school!!

School has begun and I haven’t written or read anything in almost a week. I feel unproductive… sort of. Aside from doing school work I feel unproductive. My planned challenge has been put on hold which sucks =/ but I’m gonna have to figure out a way I can write every week and still do school stuff.

On the plus side, I have tons to write about, because school’s back in session. Mind you, school started off lame. I feel so out of place (totally understandable. I haven’t been to school properly in 3 months) and there’s a ton of new people. I think It’s finally hit home that this is my last semester of college. The hall ways are filled with strange new faces, new teachers and in a couple months I wont be a part of the school’s population.  The feeling is bitter sweet….

So instead of doing a ton of writing (I have a ton of research and sketches to do for school so bare with me) I decided to film my first day of school. The first day was lame but one thing that surprised me. My jewellery class.  I thought I was the only student but apparently I have one other class mate. The course wasn’t as lame as it seems in the

The course is called Caribbean influence and it deals with the use of indigenous materials to create jewellery. The first question my teacher asked was a weird one to me. Kinda gave me  one of those “what does she mean” responses.  She asked us, “what does it mean to be Caribbean?”.

It’s one of those questions where you think you know the answer because it’s really simple. Then you start thinking about it…. And there is no simple answer. I could’ve said our music, food, CULTURE. But culture is such a wide and multifaceted concept.  Being Caribbean isn’t a definition, it’s a lifestyle. That much I got.  It’s something we’re born into. Like tradition. Some exciting things came out of our discussion. Not that I now know what it means to be Caribbean. Still pretty clueless but I suppose I’ll find out at the end of the course. Unless of course you guys know what it means to be Caribbean. You’re free to tell me what you think!  Forgive me for not writing. I’ll try and post more often can’t guarantee the 365 challenge will get completed but I will keep posting.  For the few days I’m not around check out my friend Latoya’s blog awesome stuff 😀 ( )  Until then. Have a good one.

– Koi

Check the vid!!!!


6 thoughts on “First day of school!!

  1. Care Bears rock! hehehe Love the VLog!!!!! Nice editing!! I shall be watching this again!!!!! hehhehhehhe at the censorship! Gotta keep tha PG rating! 😀 I sure was dancing at the end though!!!

    Cut out paper -hmmm – Sounds like architecture school – oh so productive!!!! Not to worry it’ll be a grand year for you! Just keep your focus and make sure you have some fun while you run that last lap!

    Lawksss ONE WHOLE WEEK .. 😦 Looking forward to them though. N aweee :d Thanks for the shout out!!!! *this be getting too long .. hasty exit*

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