Labels are for jars or rappers

So when me and my older brother were younger he used to say how much he wished he had a baby brother instead of a sister. This was due to the fact that he always  wanted to play the ever so racist power rangers and I wanted to be white ranger… which couldn’t work ,since… I’m a girl and not white.

Oh you were guessing I was gonna say play dolly house? nah -___- I had tons of dolls just never played with em and when I did it was to make my mom feel like she actually did give birth to a girl. Sorry to say mom, I wore the dresses to make you happy #guilt.  Growing up I was a tom boy. Climb tree, jump fence, play ball wore baggy pants just to fit in with my brothers.

Growing up, I wanted to be just like my brothers, which is totally understandable when you know nothing else. These men were my heroes.  So video gaming, technology, football, drawing came easily to me cause it’s all I knew.

You can definitely imagine how odd and out of place I felt when I went to high school (I went to an all girls school). I never got the craze over Chris Brown (still don’t get it), High school musical, make up and getting all dressy for boys.  In fact up to 8th grade I thought guys were just uglier versions of girls with hairy arms. This didn’t mean I was gay or anything I just didn’t get it yet. I get it now.

I never got why it was weird that I liked art or football or video games. What? Because those things are predominantly male activities? Who says women can’t like these things. And why is it that she’s considered  gay or less attractive because she came off as “one of the guys”. To some men anyway. I know a few guys that actually fall in love over a girl being able to play Black ops and don’t get powned or blow up like this chick –


But not what I wanna talk about today.

Our universal problem is labelling. You can’t say you no do it >_< we all do it.  It’s become so much a part of us till we even label ourselves. Person who wears glasses? Smart or nerd

Girl who wears short skirts? skank or easy

Guy that wears dog chains on pants and lives for black clothing? goth, punk,american wannabe/ yuh gwan like yuh white (more frequent label in Jamaica if you don’t like “Jamaican” pop culture)

Person living on the streets? Mad/insane

Art school student? Devil worshipper, mentally unstable, gay, freaky etc etc

Quiet person? Odd, lame, mute


I try hard not to label people based on how they look or how they present themselves. First impressions aren’t long lasting for me. It’s the impression you leave me with that lasts.  I have this habit of observing people and I tend to do this time line thing of what that person probably went through ( too deep i know but whatever).

There’s this homeless woman in Half way tree (which is the capital of St. Andrew). She seems pretty up in age, has an overly swollen and bandaged foot. She speaks standard Jamaican English and never forgets her manners when she begs for money. I never labeled her as mad/insane just wondered how she ended up on the streets, how she eats, where she sleeps. But I never look at her less as a human being because of where she is now and what she does to get by.


We don’t know people’s stories, their challenges, their adversities until we walk a mile in their shoes. Therefore we shouldn’t be too quick to judge or label.  Not because I’m an artist means I fit the stereotype society constructs of artists. I don’t practice assume labels either.

Think the point I’m making… made here is pretty clear.

I’m thankful for: People not labels (leave that for jars)

– Koi


3 thoughts on “Labels are for jars or rappers

  1. WORD!!!

    It’s become the norm that we all do it without even realizing. But indeed if we lift that habit I think that things really would be so much better!
    Like the videos!

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