Change is inevitable. Embrace it.

Room clean. Check.  Kitty litter cleaned. Check. Registered for my final months of impending doom (school) check. Collection of skins reruns. Check. We’ll I’m all set for my early weekend. No have no reason fi go out again.  Rolled out of bed this morning, dropped in the tub, brushed my teeth and got dressed. On inspection of the appropriateness of my apparel (checking myself out). I noticed my strand of wisdom (single grey hair) looked more silvery than it did the day before. If I didn’t know better, it was getting whiter and probably was infecting the other citizens on my scalp.  O_O .  A year ago, it wasn’t there.

A year ago I was on the verge of dropping out of school because I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I’d drop kick you if you came near me with a piercing needle , I was gullible and emotionally unstable. A year later I’m almost sure of my career path, I have piercings and I’m the most stable and more on guard than I’ve been most of my life. Things change. People change. No scratch that. People GROW.  I always said that, you either grow for better or worse. Think I’ve grown for the better.

Not the same I was a year ago, two years ago, four years ago… I won’t be the same years after now (if I’m alive). It’s expected. It’s how we were wired. Be born. Grow up. Keep growing. We die. (As depressing as it sounds).

Remember  in high school  when you’d be graduating and the last day of school people would sign your uniform blouse or khaki shirt (if your mother never buss yuh ass for destroying yuh good good clothes). (*It’s a Jamaican thing… equivalent to year book signing). People would write “Keep sweet, stay the same, never change”. Or something to that effect.  Looking back now that’s the worse advice you could give someone. Never change.

I think we should. We should change for the better, aim to be better than you were last week, or yesterday or whenever. Never be stagnant. Stagnant water stinks. You can’t drink that shhh… it’ll  mek you sick. Even more reason not to remain the same person you are for too long.  Staying stagnant means you stifle the potential of who you can become. Not to say who you are now it’s ok. Just never think that ok person won’t change.  Don’t compare your change to the change of others. Again your process is YOURS no one else’s.

You don’t even have to force change, it happens inevitably. Life experiences and our decisions alter who we are now and who we ultimately become. Never forget that.

So my hair is changing. Both in style and  colour( white strand soon infect the others with it’s aging genetic mutation (too much Resident evil 5). I didn’t force it to. It just did.  Don’t force the change, just embrace it (positive change that is) when you realize it happening. If you notice negative changes sort it out as soon as it appears. If it’s something you can’t change. Attempt to make the best of it.

–   AngryKoifish

Hair’s changed over the years. Have no clue what to do with it now =/ (cut it all off?)


One thought on “Change is inevitable. Embrace it.

  1. HaHa I remember doing that .. but then I burned all my uniforms 😀 I still vividly remember that wonderful day! (runs off to find photo evidence).

    I too have changed; 5 years ago I had a 10 year plan now I don’t even know what I’ll be doing tomorrow! I love my life 😀

    As for your ‘marks of distinction’ I have a bucket of black paint you’re welcome to … for a small fee 😀

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