Average the usual (For Sunday January 8th)

Figured if I typed all three posts I had outstanding maybe I’d be back on track. I got distracted. Fail.

This is Sunday’s post. My day was pretty much spent trying to get a hang of this digital painting I’ve taken up. Unfortunately I won’t post as much of my process on this blog, but on my blog dedicated to becoming my portfolio (working on my blog folio). This one I suppose will have more in depth stuff on what I’m currently learning.

I’ve been engulfing myself in work lately, mainly because when I do head back to school things will be so hectic I might not have time to do personal stuff. It’s quite A BIT of personal stuff. As an art education major I have less studio time so most of my artistic development comes through self practice. I don’t mind but i also wouldn’t mind having an instructor either.

So it’s more work for me next week. WOOPDI DO! Planning, budgeting, seeking funding, writing my thesis… blardi blar blar. It’s not like I expected my final year of college to be easy. Just want it done with. I have a feeling that after it’s done though I’ll start to miss it.  I’m already starting to miss it and I’m just on holiday. Or maybe it’s cause I’m bored. O.o maybe I’m just bored !lol

Character design of my friend Ikem. Photo on the right does not belong to me!! Property of Marlon James (photographer)

So here’s what I’ve been working on so far. This is personal work,(stuff for fun). I’ve been reading this design article about character designs(http://psd.tutsplus.com/tutorials/drawing/character-design-boomrock-saints/) and was challenged to use my friends as inspiration for a few character designs. The most eye opening thing I gathered from that read was that each character (even in  composite drawing) must be able to function on their own visually. So of course I had to hand draw each character using photo references. It isn’t done yet but it’s on its way. Will show more on my blogfolio (still thinking I should merge the two blogs? *shrug*)

Thing I’m most thankful for today: Commitment

Believe me when I say I’m committed to getting better as an artist and as a person. Though I’m not the best right now, I’m determined to develop MY best.  Don’t forget to be thankful for something or at least try not to complain today. Lol  Life goes on. Koi Out.


4 thoughts on “Average the usual (For Sunday January 8th)

  1. Cool character design!!!!

    Hmmnnn since the other blog is intended for professional use I’d separate them … prolly don’t want prospective employers etc. reading certain stuff and I’m sure you’d want a place to freely express without worrying about crossing a boundary. That’s my take anyhooo!

    You’ll catch up soon though (what day is today?) I think!

    Keep being productive!

  2. Yea I was thinking about that. You made a good point about not able to freely express myself without crossing any lines or better yet allowing them to think I’m not serious about my work. Think I might just keep them separate.

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