Welcome Home Akiyo! The lil rice ball =D

Akiyo's first day home

(For January 6th 2012)

wow! I never thought taking care of a cat again would be so much work. It’s like motherhood only less stressing and no diapers.  I didn’t get a chance to post anything yesterday because of a planned family trip (which I didn’t want to go on) and ironically I didn’t get to go 🙂 I do feel a wee bit guilty because my folks went on their own and seem to be having fun without me but I’ll get over the  depression. Riiight.

The plus to my week though is, I got a late anniversary gift in the form of a kitten! He’s soooo adorable. My boyfriend and I picked him out at the animal shelter and of course we had to wait for him to be neutered, sprayed and get his shots before we could take him home. He’s a precious white and off black domestic house cat. Majority of his fur is white and since I love the Japanese culture so much I named him  Akiyo (which means “White world”.  We call him rice ball as a nickname. He barely ever meows unless I leave the room (such a mama’s boy) or I put an immediate end to his possibly dangerous “explorations”.

still a little scared

Though I haven’t had another cat in about 3 years, taking care of another life is hard! Believe it. Imagine actual human babies O_o… sleepless nights. Well I have sleep- deprived nights ahead of me too which is probably a good thing since I need to keep him out of trouble and possibly squeeze some drawing in.  I’m amazed I even have time to write this (he’s sleeping.. I think).  I’ve had to be reading up a lot to remember how to do this cat owner thing.

To be honest I’m thankful for organizations like JSPCA (the Jamaican arm of ASPCA) that go out of their way to protect and care for abused and neglected animals. Here in Jamaica i don’t think people care as much about animals as people in other countries.

I won’t even blame it on the 3rd world country thing.  I hear so often here how inhumane they are and whatever because they put animals down. But when you really think about it, they do a lot more  good. They don’t shelter these animals with the intention of harming them after.

True Animal advocates

They’re not government funded, they receive help through donations and voluntary services. When you adopt a pet there, you pay a small fee (which goes back to caring for the animals) to have the animals vaccinated, sprayed and neutered to prevent unwanted offspring.  Unwanted because at the end of the day, not many people are willing to take care of strays so they wonder the streets. Plus their fee is much cheaper than a private vet.

They put down animals when they’re sick, old or haven’t been adopted. Not that I’m for that, there are alternatives but seriously if you aren’t willing to help in that alternative (adopt) then stop complaining. I hope to voulunteer my time there soon I urge others to do so if you want to make a change. Or you could always help out strays in your own neighbourhood, you’ll be helping a life.

Think we need to do more of that. More helping.

A big thank you to my boyfriend for this precious gift and JSPCA for taking on the job very little want to do. I’m thankful for my baby Akiyo 🙂

=.= He just woke up… sigh


2 thoughts on “Welcome Home Akiyo! The lil rice ball =D

  1. Koolzz lol i heard about the JSPCA after watching ‘Midnight at Pusscreek’ hehe and their ad is all over music 99! Good organization though!

    Congrats on your bundle of fur! When’s the ‘kitty shower’?? 🙂 Sleepless nights huh lol good practice!!!

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