Sandy baggies on Boardwalk

(For January 7th)

I have quite a bit of catching up to do. Been busy with Akiyo ( parenthood is hard ) He finally got the litter box thing down and only needed to show him once with some help from my good friend Sita (Thanks hun). *Beaming with pride* he’s a little rambious rice ball. But I shant let his furry cute little butt let me lose focus on this challenge. I’m a couple days behind and I’m sorry!! >_<

On the bright side things have been looking up little by little. My new year is getting better  with the help of friends. Really that’s what I’m thankful for today My friends. The very few I have keep me sane and grounded. Whenever I need that kick back to reality they’re there to do so. So they dragged me or I dragged them (whoever did the dragging to the beach) yesterday it was pretty awesome.

We went to this little beach called board walk and though we couldn’t stay long we tried to make the best of it. You’d be surprised how many lovely beaches we have here that now charge a fee to enter. Well as long as its being taken care of yea?

Thanks again guys I love you 🙂

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