Ode to the Facebook complaints


Today’s post won’t be as lengthy as the others. I got some work to do >_<. This challenge is forcing me to be more observant and appreciative of my life constantly since I started it. It’s still early but I get why I should be thankful ALWAYS. It’s unanimously agreed that life can be hard. And if your therapist told you otherwise, ask for a refund.

Now it’s normal to voice how you feel, in fact it’s recommended that we do so more often (seeing that the  rate of suicide increases every year). It’s also normal to voice how you feel to your friends ( again kudos to the people that do).  It’s of great help especially if you’re emotionally unstable. Confiding in someone gives you a second opinion about your situation. So I’ll all for it.

But facebook bitching… SIGH. Can’t tell people what to do SURE. Free internet (mumbles) SURE . Free will! AWESOME! Only problem. It’s annoying. Annoying to the people who have to read it constantly in their news feeds and even when you press that unsubscribe button and block all news feeds from that person YOU CAN STILL SEE REMNANTS OF IT!!  It’s like a bad horror movie yow.

It’s like this video I watched a year ago, with this guy who apparently upset the utensil spirits and got followed around by a bendy legged demon with a spoon who’d slap him continuously.

(You know what?) —–> 

But back to the point I was making. Nothing is wrong with voicing how you feel;  Pssh I’m doing it right now!  Posting it online so your friends can see might even help them to be aware of how you’re feeling. But then after a couple times of doing it you get known as the person on someone’s friend list who complains… A LOT.

Facebook is a social network, Individuals are free to speak their mind in such a social forum but constant complaining gets unbearable and defeats the purpose of socializing (cause you’re the complainer no one wants to talk to).  No I’m not judging, simply being straight forward. There are ways to deal with stuff though instead of letting everyone know “ I hate my life”.

1. Confide in someone you can trust and who’ll give you sound advice (or at least listen).

2.Don’t be so quick to post you most inner thoughts. Aside from being thought of as annoying , people may use those same thoughts against you.

3. Reflect on what the source of the problem might be and try to resolve it. If It can’t be resolved quickly, there is such a thing as time. It heals.

4. Be positive while you heal. Yes I know you can’t be positive all the time ( your face plastered with a smile 24/7 like Bob here,  is creepy not to mention fake) but focus on the good that’s around you. There must be at least ONE thing that’s good in your life.

Bob the creepy enzyte guy

In essence I’m thankful for  non and minimal complainers in general and on facebook. You make me want to stay on there and indulge in the positives you have to share. The Koi thanks you. Life goes on.


One thought on “Ode to the Facebook complaints

  1. IKR! It seems to be a growing trend. I’ve pretty much unsubscribed most of ma friends list. Caah bother with the bag of posts every second about utter rubbish (for the most part) and randomness! Good pointers though *Lord let me not be a FB Bitcher!!!! AMEN!* 😀

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