L.J the great is indeed the greatest

 Jah know… To get up every morning and do this is getting rough enuh (don’t start bitching now.) B/ it must be done! DETERMINATION nah meannnn. It’s 7:48 am and I’m on holiday, I’m not drooling on my pillow. No! I’m up writing. Good! Just   362 days left. How are ya’ll this morning? 3rd day of the New Year!

  Attempted any new year’s resolutions? Or attempted my roll over 1 month Improvement  list?     ( check out my “Burn New years Resolutions” post ).  Just to show you how much it works, I’ve done up to 15 drawings between the end of December to now.  I have not had any soda, candy bars, burger king ( though tempting ,I would kill for a number 11 right now but the thought of not being able to fit in ANYTHING is an awful thought! ) AND I’m writing as we speak =] Three easy things.

Pondering earlier this morning while I was lying in bed about what I’d be thankful for today came pretty easily right after my mom kicked my bedroom door off and poked me until I woke up. She does that a lot and though I get peeved because of her unorthodox manner of waking me up most mornings. I like the relationship we have. Reminds me of Gilmore girls. Only my mom is not as wild and crazy as Lorelai.

   My mom is technically my first best friend. I mean putting up with smelly diapers, tons of crying and complaining, running after naked children who elude the bathtub is a hard job. And she put up with that FOR YEARS (she must really love me).

   Then again it’s the duty of a mother to love her children (though some don’t). My mom is an awesome older version of myself. She can be extremely childish sometimes then when you least expect it warp into mommy mode and be deathly serious (and beat my ass.JOKING).  My mom bails me out of trouble faster than most friends and is usual more effective (she’s a teacher so she can get pretty scary sometimes). She’s great with advice, something I think mother’s just get via  being  hit by  radioactive meteorites. They’re 90% right most of the time which is annoying. How the hell do you know exactly how much sugar to put in a cake without measuring? Or How to make an awesome meal out of absolutely nothing? OR! Mark a ton of tests, clean the house, do the laundry AND still have time kick my bedroom door down annoy me awake at 4 something in the morning?! Meteorites I  tell you!

As old as I am I’m still her baby (DON’T JUDGE ME). When I was younger she’d be very good at getting me to talk, so we’d talk about everything. The older I got the harder it became.  She totally understood that I won’t always be her baby and there are some stuff that won’t be easy to talk about but she understands and she’ll try not to pry but still try and give an answer. She knows how to let go.

She’s been my biggest cheerleader, defender, lawyer etc. She’s the reason I decided to teach. Though I won’t ever be as good as her I’ve learnt so much from her and I’m grateful for that. We don’t always get along but that’s the wonderful part of our relationship, we always make up. L.J the Great is my super hero. She taught me to be the woman I am now. So today and every day after I’m thankful for my superhero. My mom.  Hug your mom if you can, let her know you love her.

If you’ve been carried around for 9 months,  fed, cleaned, wearing clean clothes (that you didn’t wash), had a nice break fast(you didn’t cook)  still here after all these years thank God for your mom or the mother figure in your life. It’s a rough job, not to be undertaken by those not prepared for it. So be less annoying or hard to deal with. They don’t get paid enough for it.  Have a good one. Life goes on.


3 thoughts on “L.J the great is indeed the greatest

  1. Aweee! That’s a nice one! Indeed, gotta love Mom! I need to update but I can’t find my camera! Dammit! I remember putting it somewhere then …..??!!

    DWL @ those meteorites, must be some special ‘mom juice’ lolol 🙂

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