Salvador Dali was high on art and so am I.

Day 2! Not a normal post but a part of my “Thankful for _________ in 2012” 356 Project. 2012 starting off pretty rough for me, but giving up is not an option. Woke up in the same mood as yesterday. Dry… complacent. Thing shall get better, I hope.
Everyone has a comfort zone they lean to when they feel crappy. For some people it’s comfort food (Junk that will ultimately make you sick #not judging just saying), for some it’s video games, for some it’s more depressing and equally self abusive stuff like drinking and drugs… For me, aside from prayer it’s Art. For as long as I’ve known myself I always ran to art when I was hurt or depressed.
Many times I’d use my art to express how I was feeling or how I’d want to feel and though the problem always existed after I’d draw, paint, sculpt (whatever) something, in some way I’d feel like I’m in a better frame of mind to address it. Very few people will understand the utmost freedom artists feel when they create. Most write it off as us being crazy or whack jobs because of our thoughts and ideas. Those ideas keep us alive.
Salvador Dali was considered crazy guy with a weird mouth stash and his own version of the ever popular pouty duck face pictures well known to teenage girls everywhere. (Lemme not stray) People thought this wide eyed guy was crazy mainly because of how he felt about art and how’d execute the images in his head. Life was surreal to him, so they’d be reflected on canvas that way.

Art is something that forces me to keep going, to keep learning because there’s so much out there to learn. It’s my comfort zone. If I was no longer able to create… I don’t know what would happen to me…  Someone once said to me that they draw because with a pencil, they have the ability to create the world the way they’d like it, no worries, and no complaints. “I can draw the world the way I see it”.

So things still suck into the 2nd day of my new year, being positive isn’t working much BUT picking up a pencil this morning made me feel like I’ll get over it in time. Things will get better. Today I’m thankful for art… for being something different, complex but simple, enjoyable, fulfilling, challenging, and daringly DIFFERENT. I’m thankful for ART

-Life goes on.

When I paint, the ocean roars. Others merely paddle in their bath. (Salvador Dali)

I'm thankful for Art


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