Skins is just so filled with ass and stuff O_o Oh yea! Happy New year!

number one thing I'm thankful for today is LIFE.

Happy New Year!! *cues confetti and assorted glitter*
Actually it’s not so happy for me. I went to bed last night. Miserable. No new year’s party, no unadulterated, drunken sex on a beach somewhere with bottle caps and used condoms sticking you in the back (I have never done anything of the sort). No link up with friends. No family hang out. My bed + me and half an hour of watching Tony from Skins get naked for the bagillionth time. Awful way to start the year but it happens you know? Makes no sense getting depressed about it.
Festivities aside. I was reading a post called “ Kick off 2012 with project 365 by Erica Johnson ( check it out when you’re done and she listed 365 projects for the new year. No she didn’t post 365 projects, Just projects that could be undertaken in a year. Most were pretty cool. They vary from doing an illustration everyday for a year to stopping random people on the street and documenting the conversation (Pull that shit in Jamaica and you’ll get looked or robbed or both). I wanted to attempt one of those a couple years back but it didn’t happen, much like my drumming lessons last year. So this year I shall attempt a project.

In my deep state of depression and disgust at how promiscuously sluty Skins characters are, I thought “Here I am pissed off on New year’s eve, but for what? A failed painting? I have so much to be thankful for”. A roof over my head, clothes on my back, friends… I haven’t spoken to in a couple days, a great boyfriend (who was probably ticked off at me because I was getting upset over a painting)… ok ignore all that. BUT yes so much to be thankful for! LIFE! Many people all over the world died December 31st, that has to suck! Death in general sucks but to die the day before seeing a new year sucks monkey balls on a hot summer day. So I, who is still very much here has a lot to be thankful for. (Thank you lord).

So I figured why not let my 365 project be about that. Stuff I’m thankful for in 2012. So from today until the end of the year (if I’m still alive) I’ll post a picture of something I’m thankful for on that day preferably at 12pm or 12 am (ignore today -____- I’m writing this at 12:46pm ). Of course with today’s epiphany the obvious thank you is for… *ding ding ding* Life.

Point is people, be thankful for what you have. Don’t complain about what you don’t, or go getting depressed about it. It doesn’t fix anything nor will is it productive. So that painting I was working on that died (R.I.P) is gone, I’m thankful that I have life today to even produce thousands more of it and better.

What are you thankful for? Say it! Be genuine about. Live up. Stand out.  Life goes on. 😀

What are you thankful for?


One thought on “Skins is just so filled with ass and stuff O_o Oh yea! Happy New year!

  1. lol love the end pic! So very very true! I ought to take your advice and get over myself! Life goes on after all!!!
    Gonna try one of those projects! but not yet … don’t want to over commit myself!

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