Uncensored 2011 *It nay too bad* edition

It’s a New Year’s ritual of mine to blab on and on about how much I’ve learnt during the year right before it ends. Like a release process. So here it is, in all it’s blabber glory: UNCENSORED 2011 *IT nay too bad* edition

It’s almost surreal that another year has ended so quickly, but as always all good things must come to an end. Good things? This year? Were there any? I can’t complain. It’s been a year of reflective growth and maturity. Shitty things as always happened (it wouldn’t be life without it) but equally happy things. Defining moments as well. I’ve had to say goodbye to wonderful people and hello to new fresh faces.

Highlights of my year:
1.Had a beautiful start out 🙂 Began my final year of college. Sooooo close to having it end and I already feel like I’m saying goodbye to a space where I grew up and learnt through much adversity. I think that’s one thing they teach us at Edna unconsciously resilience .Most of us damn well know what it’s like to be broken down to nothing and to be rebuilt from the ground up through perseverance.

2.Stayed in love. Was reminded of why I love him.

3. Went on teaching practice: One of THE MOST life changing experience I will ever have. Though it wasn’t the first time I was teaching I felt like a fish out of water. I was placed at a school I HATED (covert lesson being taught by mentor). Within the first week I was scared shitless by the size and knowledge base of these students.

They’re hella smart. It was expected. I went from intimidated to impressed and over a 3 month period I began to really like the environs and its occupants ( minus the ENORMUS ass compound.) The occupants more so, I never thought I’d get so close to these people I disliked because of their outside appearance but I have. It isn’t fair to call them my students they’ve become more than that to me. Friendship will suffice.

4. I was reinforced in my journey yet again. I am an artist and an educator. The two are inextricably bound and should not be separated. I want to keep doing this as long as God will allow me to. It’s now beyond for financial gain but a genuine love for the classroom and the betterment of my students in their life’s pursuits.

4. I lost my classmates: In more than one ways. People I hadn’t seen in years of graduating high school and someone I’d just seen months ago but was too busy to have a proper conversation with him. It breaks my heart that I keep losing friends but life and death are bigger than any of us. Rest in peace Amanda, Andrene and Delroy.

5. Removed hindrances of the past: Sometimes letting go of the past can do well for your future

6. Forgave

7. Gave into British television and indie music #Iamnow ajunkie

8.Still pursuing digital drawing

9. Joined an awesome team of artists– I am honored to be working with you guys and I pray good things await us and our labour will be fruitful

10. Discovered that even the greatest people can disappoint you. People you’ll rate, might not feel the same about you and can turn around and hurt you. Trust is a hell of a thing. Treat your friends like they matter.

11. Finally met Corretta Singer in person after stalking her for a year ( no shame enuh none ATALL!!) Brother man is awesome!!

12. Got metal shot into my skin

13. Gained new friends. Formed deeper bonds with old ones

14. Was diagnosed with a lesbian mullet wearing chest condition ” Hank”

15. Had a lovely birthday– Thanks husband, BFFs and Immac clan

16. Was a part of an awesome video production- Had to jump rope everyday for  3 weeks

17. Met Very cool people from said video production

18. Lost my cousin– Robyn (see you in glory kid) but was reunited with more family.

19. Became (Alexander voice) EVVVVIIIIIEEELLLL

20. Said Goodbye to friends who will forever be the ending trend of the prodigies- Goodbye Class of 2011. Mi wah mi lunch money Unno know unnoself.

21. Dutty coloured and looked at Toorel’s ceramic pums (that sounds sooo wrong)

22. Made stupid mistakes and threw a few temper tantrums… and combs

23. Went to my 2nd Cosplay (it was aite V_V)

24. Went to my first animation conference and actually is still interested in animation

25. Was a pervy Muslim doctor who molested lacey (where’s the damn video???!)

26. Thought Hope Brooks was the bomb diggetty fresh.LOLOLOLOL

27. Cussed when Buju went to jail… then laughed when Kartel went to jail (I feel like such a douche)

28. Heart bled when Japan was in trouble

29. Lost an opportunity but was reminded that my time and plans vary from God’s

30. Witnessed people freak out at some nonsensical false prophecy of the world’s end.- No man knows when Christ is coming, just be ready

31. Fought Humanoid roaches and WON! =.- In my own special way.lol

32. Was cursed never to watch twlight again. Everytime I try to watch it something stops me from doing so. Maybe it’s time I gave up on the glittery vampire.

33. Got Leonard!! Thanks wifey

34. Got schooled in pool and tekken and was dubbed thee “Rub out”

35. I got a new sister 🙂 Welcome Fallon

Thank you Lord for another year. Thanks to the people who made me feel awesome, to the people who never forgave me, to the people who have, to the people who love me to the people who don’t. To my students, new friends, old friends, stalkers, stalkees. I love you. Happy new year!

P.S. Pree le video at end.


4 thoughts on “Uncensored 2011 *It nay too bad* edition

  1. Awe bless you! Despite the downs it seems like quite a fulfilling year! I hope that 2012 will be fantabulous!!!

    Superstar Actress in the making! Videos really great! Now my quest. – How do you get the video to show in the post and not as a link .. I did it once then forgot the next time :S I like this interface but my head going it seems and it’s making some things just seem overly complicated

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