Burn New year’s resolutions!

It’s the eve of New Year’s Eve… wow, 2011 will officially be finished in 1 day, 29 hours, 1719 minutes, not that I’m excited or anything. Ok maybe I am. Be honest,  it’s not like you’re not looking forward to it too. New Year! New chance to make a difference and fix stuff you didn’t get the chance to last year.

Like for me. I’m staring the New Year off by starting a blog… another one. This time I hope to be more committed so egging me on via comments will be awesome motivation.

New Year’s resolutions?

I’m never good with those things. You know ? writing the long ass list of stuff you’ll do and you actually do them for like 3 weeks then stop. Then next year comes around and you repeat the wash cycle. Lose weight. Be healthy. Find love. Repeat.

 So I never make New Year’s resolutions. I make steps to improvement. It’s something I do every month actually. Write down 5 things I want to accomplish this month. It could be to learn something new, create something or improve a skill. You’re free to put whatever you want just as long as it’s measurable within a month and actually doable and feasible.  Insert goals here:




Note  it’s not feasible to want to look like Beyonce in a month… or a year (I’m sure looking like yourself is much more exciting). But yea.  Something feasible.  Sometimes some stuff gets repeated because I either don’t have the time to get to them or I get lazy. It’s like a more proactive and effective new year’s resolution list only in the form of a to do list that I reward myself for in its completion. Nothing fancy. Just like a slice of cheesecake or buy myself something nice. Depends on how I’m feeling or if not spending money outside of my budget is on that list -___-.

My Improvement list

Well the first thing is this blog 🙂

 As I probably partially mentioned before I had another blog but got discouraged pretty quickly. But i shall try again and hopefully wont chicken out *dons cape like a boss*

Begin the journey to becoming a better artist

 I’m in my final few months of art school and I’ve been having reflective bouts of suckage. In layman’s term. I think I suck. Ok I don’t suck just need more focus. I’m a specialized ceramist but these days I’ve been having a generalized visual art rush.  Starting to find joy in other art forms. Plus with being a teacher I believe I should at least be at a level above my students. Every master teacher should be a master artist first. Right?

free burning paper vector courtesy of http://illustratorvector.net/vector/burning-paper-vector/
Burn the old list you know you’ll never finish

Continue to tap into my inner nut

 No not nutcase. Health nut. While devouring a massive processed deep fried burger I realized the error of my ways… (I found a cavity in my mouth. Depressing stuff man.) So burn all junk food. I’ve been clean all week (with the exception of some Christmas cake but that doesn’t count). So tons of water, juices, veggies etc.

So that’s it

  • Keep writing (this of course will go over into the next month and the next).
  • Keep practicing art wise.
  • Eat healthy

See pretty easy. 3 manageable things. It takes less time than constructing some complex plan to build abs that have abs who have abs, improve stalker  moves to find “love”  and  look like Beyonce  for the New Year. If you fail to complete them, they roll over to the next month. I use post it’s on my wall to remind me of them. I dare you. Try it! Improve you for the new year/next month whatever.

So this is the start of a beautiful reading relationship or fling, whatever you’re into. Happy New year when it kicks you in the teeth guys 😀

Life goes on.


3 thoughts on “Burn New year’s resolutions!

  1. Bless you on this eve of New Year’s Eve DWL!!!!

    It’s about time but nothing happens before you’re open and ready! So with that said, I’m excited about your journey and the chance for us all to join in with you!

    I totally agree!!! I hate resolutions with a passion but your idea seems much more do-able!!! Ima try it! 😀 That way I think I’ll accomplish more when I tackle things one at a time than seeing the whole mountain of things to do.

    P.S. Keep em coming!

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